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Welcome to my first attempt at a home page. Here you will find things about me and my main hobby, bridge.

Since I'm using the provided site builder program, I will keep things very simple. I don't think I will have time in the near future for a more sophisticated page, but the day will come. Please feel free to tell me what you think and sign my guestbook!

What's New?

10/10/03 - Is it because I'm getting lazier and lazier, or is it because I'm getting more and more stringent on what kinds of hands I want to put up? I haven't posted a bridge hand in a while. There have been candidates but I often end up rejecting them at the last minute. Anyway, it's time to update the page again, and I have put up a new bridge article, along with updating practically all the pages. A lot has happened in the last two months, so please check out the news sections. Also, I've decided to scrap the "What's my thirst" section, as Sprite no longer runs the commercials (and will they run them any more? what with the Kobe case and all) and there's no use updating my motivations once every two months when they change once every two weeks.
8//03/03 - Wow, two months of summer have gone by and I haven't wrote a thing up here. Been spending most of my time getting in the final rest and relaxation before I start working. My first day of work will be tomorrow, so this felt like a good time to write some stuff here. No bridge hand though as I've been cutting down. I'll be away at a tournament next week so hopefully some interesting hands will come up.
5/29/03 - Sorry I haven't updated this page in two months, but I've been trying hard to graduate and figure out my employment situation. I also have not played any bridge, so there really wasn't a new hand to put up. But now I do have a new hand to put up here and a lot of new info about what's been going on lately. So please check it out!
3/29/03 - It's been one year since I've put up this website about myself. I hope people have read it and enjoy finding out about me. I'd feel more confident about this website if I had some more guestbook contributions though, so please sign it! For the website's birthday I've put up a new bridge article.
3/19/03 - One week from this website's birthday! Anyway, just came back from Philly for nationals but have no new article up as there weren't any interesting enough hands. I have a new thirst though. Hopefully there will be more to write up in the coming months. I don't like being bored.
3/11/03 - The one year birthday of this website is 2 weeks away! Maybe I'll decorate the site with some birthday themes. Or maybe I'll just be lazy as usual. Hopefully I will have some hands from the Philadelphia Nationals to write about. In the meantime, I added a new section, "What's My Thirst?" so please have a look.
2/27/03 - Okay, so I lied. I mean, I thought about updating but I've just been so busy. Last semester was just too heavy a workload. Please read my News section as a lot has happened in the last 4 months. I have also uploaded a new bridge article. I have not played much bridge lately so it's hard picking out hands to write about. I swear I'll try to update more often, but no guarantees. Hope you all have been having a wonderful new year, whether you go by the Gregorian or lunar calendar.
11/13/02 - Well, it's been exactly half a year since I've updated this page. Sorry to everyone, but I've been really busy and really lazy : )
A lot of things have changed on the site, so go look at everything! There's even a new bridge article and I now have a guestbook, so please sign it! From now on I will try to update it once a month or when I feel it is necessary, so come back often!
5/13/02 - I guess I can write an article even if I don't play any bridge. Just wrote an article on one of my own conventions. I tend not to disclose my secrets but I felt it was a good time to reward my readers : )
Please let me know what you think about the convention!
5/11/02 - More news. All done with school! Can't write a bridge article if I haven't played any bridge.
5/6/02 - More news. New article.
5/1/02 - Changes made to resume. Articles will now be listed by name instead of by number.
4/28/02 - More news. An article on the Collegiate Teams. Added that result into my proud bridge achievements list. Busy Busy Busy.
4/25/02 - I've decided to put up a news section, sort of a diary of what I've been up to, in case anybody cared. This would be easier than having to fill news and reasons why I haven't written a new article into this tiny  "what's new" section.
4/23/02 - Not much progress in the graduating on time department. Have a major research paper in economics and an honors thesis in psychology both of which I haven't started writing. In the meantime, I already have the ideas/hands for 2 more articles but when I will write them is another story. There is one new article up though. Enjoy.
4/14/02 - Sorry it's been so long since an update. Actually trying to graduate on time. Anyway, some minor changes have been made here and there, including some little changes in previous bridge articles. Another article has been added.
4/3/02 - Another article has been added.
3/28/02 - Just added a second article!
3/28/02 - I have added the first bridge article to the bridge page. I have done so without making the display as nice as I would have hoped, but it's a beginning towards me not being a perfectionist procrastinator (someone who puts things off if he can't do it well or perfectly, and it ends up getting put off indefinitely)
3/25/02 - The birth of this site!

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