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My work life has finally begun. I am in the second month of my three month training period with my company. I work for Trillium Trading LLC, and am a proprietary daytrader in equities. I also do some private tutoring, mostly for standardized tests. Some of my test scores can be seen below.
My longterm work goals will revolve around working in the field of finance, as that is what I grew up around in Hong Kong. With my experience in the different fields I studied while in university, as well as my analytical and quantitative skills, I expect to be able to make an immediate impact when I start to work. My lack of a degree in finance should be fully compensated by my independent studying of the markets and my ability to learn quickly.
There is a copy of my resume on this site.
My test scores include:
SAT Verbal 710
SAT Math 800
TOEFL 670 (678 max)
GRE Math 790
GRE Analytical 800