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Welcome to my bridge page!


Bridge is my favorite hobby and one of the most intellectually stimulating games ever. I have been playing bridge ever since I learned in 1995. I have only been playing seriously for the last few years. I am currently an ACBL bronze life master and a HKCBA bronze master. I don't play much junior bridge here in the US, but I am a representative of the Hong Kong Junior Team.
My proudest bridge accomplishments so far:
  • Winning the 2002 Pacific Asian Bridge Federation Junior Teams Championship by a wide margin (36 VPs) representing Hong Kong. We now aim for the 2003 World Junior Championships.
  • Placing 3rd in the 2002 Pacific Asian Bridge Federation Open Pairs Championship, playing for the first time with the non-playing captain of the Japanese open team.
  • Having my best regional tournament yet, racking up 86 masterpoints in 5 days at the 2003 New England Summer Regional. I won two events, including the main event Flight A KOs, and came in second in the other two events I played in.
The links below are for articles of interesting hands that I come across either at the bridge table or while playing online. These hands may be hands on which I took a wildly successful action or even hands on which I failed miserably. Regardless, I hope they will be interesting for bridge enthusiasts. I will also try to post instructive articles on bidding. As many players know, bridge is always fun when I'm at the table and every hand is an adventure. Why play a system EHAA when one can play a style that's EHAA?

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