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What do you want to know about me?

Name: Henry Wong

Date of Birth: July 5th, 1980 (I am a crabby monkey!!!)

Place of Birth: Hong Kong

Home: Hong Kong, but living in Massachussetts, USA

Speaks: Cantonese, English, some French and some Mandarin

Status: Single and looking

Height: 5"9

Interests: Sports, Games, Intellectual Challenges, Being Creative, Bridge, Karaoke, Drinking, Clubbing, Going out, Having Fun, Enjoying Life!

Education and Background: I was born in Hong Kong and emmigrated to the USA when I was 6, where I attended all 6 years of elementary school in PS 165 in Flushing, NY and half a year of junior high in Hunter College High School in Manhattan, NY. I then went back to Hong Kong to attend secondary school in LaSalle College HK, where I studied in the maths and sciences classes and learned and became addicted to bridge. I subsequently went to Tufts University MA where I studied math, quantitative economics, and psychology. College was so much fun that I decided to continue hiding in school and spent a year at Harvard University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences doing a masters degree in statistics. But as one of my professors told me, you can't hide in school forever. So I'm now working in Boston as a proprietary daytrader.

Me and my thoughts: I am very ambitious and competitive and always looking for that extra edge. However, I enjoy winning within the game, so I don't do anything that's outside the rules of a game (or outside the law in society). I have a very good sense of humor and always enjoy a good laugh (even at my expense if it's a good one, I'm fairly thick-skinned in that regard). I can be a very realistic person or one with wildly imaginative ideas and fantasies depending on the circumstances. When I'm with my girlfriend I can be a die-hard romantic, but most friends rarely see that side of me. I also believe that if someone's really your friend, then they should always be frank with you. I'm also up for a good wager most of the time, but only because I believe that people will only do their best in a battle of wits when money is on the line. I believe that there are three types of people who will succeed. Those who are lucky (you know who you are), those who ask the right questions, and those who give the right answers. I'm more of the type that asks the right questions, although I'm not always so good at finding the answers.

Food: I am a lover of good food, but have no specific favorites in terms of food type and geographical origins of food. I finally got to try L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon when I went to Paris and believe me, it is just another level. For those of you who don't know, Joel Robuchon was once voted chef of the century in France before he retired about a decade ago. He has since come out of retirement, opening (and actually cooking at, although I missed him my two meals there) two of these such restaurants, one in Paris and one in Japan. If the food is of value it just makes it better. If you want to eat well, eat with me : )
Sports: I love the competitiveness of sports, and follow most professional sports to some degree, from tennis to baseball to squash and more. I am one of those databases of useless information regarding sports. My favorite sport to play is basketball, and favorite sport to watch is american football.
Music: I am usually most interested in lyrics, so I'm fond of rock n' roll, rap, and pop music but less enthusiastic about classical music, although I find it quite enjoyable some times. I don't dance well, so I'm not real good with clubbing/dancing music. I also like Canto-pop, although sometimes the lyrics are too cheesy or just don't make any sense. It could be just that I grew up on that stuff.
Movies: I love movies. It's part of the "wildly imaginative fantasies" part of me. I like to really get into a good movie. I'm more into the commercial stuff though, than the artsy stuff. I will not try to write down my favorite movie of all time or even a list, as people have gotten white hairs trying to do such a thing. I do think that my favorite movie of the last 5 years might be "American Beauty", although I may be biased because I watched it on DVD again recently.